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Your vision, your core messages and your demos.


Great starting point! The next step is ensuring this translates into your final mix and masters. As your producers, we enhance your development and encourage you to develop, in your journey, and to explore maybe ways to express that are not predefined as same old. Our vision is to produce the best you ever did and a lasting message. We do not operate from the same pre-established formula that dilutes your vision.

The outcome reached will justify the journey. We have a non-judgmental approach to all the ideas. Even the best ideas looked wrong to some and the worst ideas turned out to be brilliant ones, so let’s keep the fundamentals solid and not get boxed in. With every project we accept to undertake and produce, we aim for all to grow, with every experience we go through in life, we all grow.   

One of the noblest and ancestral purposes of music is to leave a trace of a moment in time, so it must naturally evolve. Whether we deal with existential distress/experience to connect to the universe and healing, or we are simply looking to tell a story. We love producing with our artists as it makes visions reality, one of the last areas of freedom!   We also assist with the songwriting of music and lyrics if needed, or can make part of our unpublished catalogue available if required. We are ultimately always mindful that the artist is the one that will carry the songs for the rest of their lives!

If you like this approach and have already released albums, do contact us to see if there are the correct synergies.

We also help when you need that extra song or 2 to finish an album, when you are stuck and need that extra motivation on pushing a song or when you need a different angle in an existing composition that needs to become a single.

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