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We also assist in your direct licensing for your live events.

We believe that artists’ creations deserve a long life and that catalogues are here to be looked after, so artists focus on music and future projects and technology to service the Artist’s catalogues.

Managing catalogues, securing royalties allocations, correct splits and revenues have become a full-time job! Certainly when a catalogue is intended to create a legacy or simply to generate revenue via sync deals and other uses.

Strong with over 25 years of legal expertise in the music sector, we service and manage the entire publishing process, from creation, copyrighting protection, split sheets and catalogue management. We have experience investigating legacy catalogues, securing new ones or licensing part of them when needed.  As artist’s catalogue representatives, we take the uncomfortable conversations with all involved in the industry’s processes and intricacies, so the catalogue is properly protected, managed and allocated.

Ultimately the Artist must live with the music he performs and as publishers and producers, we are mindful of it. This is why the same must apply to the publishing aspect of all music created. We cover the process and make sure all angles are there to secure income through time. We assist with secondary rights when needed, strong of our long-established international legal experience in assisting music royalty estates and catalogues.

If you are building your catalogue and need assistance in its management, if you are an artist with an established catalogue that needs refreshing and reassessing to generate more and better revenues or if you are an Estate that has inherited a catalogue we are here to help. No charge applies to assess if we are a match! 

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